In addition to the comfort of our guests, the well-being of our dogs, a clean environment and sustainable values ​​are important to us.

This is reflected in our daily activities.

Enjoy the silence, the starry sky and
the northern lights.

Join an adventure in pristine Lappish nature and
breathe in clean, fresh air.

Things are fine here.

Feel the spirit of a log house

In July 2010 we started to build our guesthouse and in spring 2011 it was ready to use. We chose to build a log house as we do like to live in a log house ourselves. In addition to that, wooden buildings create a cosy atmosphere and blend well with Lappish nature.

According to studies, log houses have very good and clean indoor air (report by THL, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare). It is good to breathe there. As a natural building material, wood insulates the heat well and balances out the heat and humidity indoors at different times of the year.

The log constructions were delivered by Vaaran Aihkitalot, a family run company located in Tervola in Southern Lapland. Responsible for the building work itself was Juha-Pekka with the help of some local professional builders.

Environmental aspects

Already when planning the guesthouse, we wanted to take environmental aspects into consideration. Therefore we, for example, chose geothermal heating of which we already had good experiences in our own house.

Solar panels help to heat water when needed the most and the toilets have water saving features to mention some other things.


From the beginning we have also recycled all possible materials: glass, metal, paper, cardboard, biowaste and nowadays even plastics, which was not earlier collected in Ivalo.

Avoiding food waste

Since opening the guesthouse, we have also tried to avoid food waste as much as possible.

For example, we use porridge rests from the breakfast when making paste for breakfast rolls and yoghurt rests in dinner bread dough.

Happy huskies which are taken care of very well

There are over 100 Alaskan huskies living in our farm. Huskies are friendly, social and active dogs which happily welcome you to meet them. There is no need for bad conscience when joining a husky safari, huskies love to run and enjoy their work! You can learn more about these beautiful animals during your visit.

Juha-Pekka has gathered knowhow about huskies already for 40 years. Our Alaskan husky farm is located in the same place where Juha-Pekka settled down with his 17 huskies in 1988. Long tradition and continuous interest in making the things in an even better way ensure, that you will have not only great time, but also the feeling of professionality in all doing as well as happy huskies which are taken care of very well.

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Welcome to experience unforgettable moments!

Welcome to experience unforgettable moments!

We recommend that you book the desired trip and accommodation well in advance, as our rooms fill up quickly due to our small accommodation capacity. Our husky safaris are also popular due to the small group size, so book now!