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Guesthouse Husky

10 Rated by Guests
Tripadvisor 5,0 Erinomainen, 173 arvostelua. Ykkössijalla kohteen Ivalo 5 B/B:stä/majatalosta.
Booking.com arvio 9,4 Erinomainen - 177 arviota.

”We had the privilege of taking part in the first 5-day husky tour organized by guesthouse husky. We have enjoyed the tour very much. The tour was planned excellent, covering multiple types of landscapes with stunning views. The food as prepared very tasteful during all 5 days.

We would recommend this tour to people who love being active outdoors, willing to be involved in taking care of the dogs (lining them up, feeding, etc) and don’t require luxury for multiple nights in a row.”

Luuk & Daniëlle, Netherlands

”Great location if you enjoy nature. Stunning surroundings and in a way felt very surreal. The huskies are super cute and very loving. We miss all the dogs! We did the 4 hour husky safari twice and it was so much fun. It was truly an experience we will never forget. The guide very helpful and cooked a nice lunch in a hut.”

Onlalinya, Netherlands

”The dog experience is one of the lifetime. They will provide you with boots and overalls that kept us warm all 6 hours of the mush. The guide was very experienced and also an excellent cook as we had a lunch in one of the forest huts. Dogs were awesome. We used other service for Aurora spotting through the lodge and it was very good. The lodge has a sauna, small kitchen to handle your lunch or snack, tea, etc. it also has a large deck upstairs to watch the skies. It is a very short drive from Ivalo but nicely hidden in the woods unlike other by the road guest houses.”

Magdalena M

”Our family love dogs and the two day husky safari was truly a memorable experience for my family of 5. Travelling over the snow covered terrain and over frozen lakes, with breath taking scenery made the trip seem shorter than it really was and kept us from thinking about the cold.

Our guides were really wonderful in taking care of us, preparing the meals, and helping us along each time we fell off the sled. A big thank you for a really enjoyable trip.”

Alban Kang from Singapore

Tervetuloa kokemaan ikimuistoisia elämyksiä!

Tervetuloa kokemaan ikimuistoisia elämyksiä!

Suosittelemme varaamaan toivomasi retken ja majoituksen hyvissä ajoin, sillä pienen majoituskapasiteettimme johdosta huoneemme täyttyvät nopeasti. Myös huskysafarimme ovat suosittuja pienen ryhmäkoon vuoksi, joten varaa heti!