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Answers to frequently asked questions.

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If you wish to fly you can reach Ivalo by taking a flight from Helsinki. Finnair is flying to Ivalo throughout the year.
In winter 2020-2021 Lufthansa flies from Frankfurt directly to Ivalo from December to March.

By land you can take a train to Rovaniemi and then continue with a bus to Ivalo. Train schedules and bus timetables

Due to the many huskies, our guesthouse is located in the middle of a forest, ca. 5 km (ca. 10 min by car) outside the village of Ivalo. In this direction of the village there are only few people living, that is why there is no public transportation available from the village to our guesthouse and farm.

You can reach our guesthouse and farm with a taxi or by a rental car.
Taxi from Ivalo village costs 16 – 20 € one way and from Ivalo airport ca. 40 €.
If you wish, we can book a taxi to pick you up.

In winter the roads are snowy and sometimes also icy, but they are regularly cleaned of the snow if it is snowing a lot. It is also good to know that rental cars in the area have good winter tires. If you just adapt your driving style to the winter conditions it is not a problem to drive here.

You can drive to our guesthouse even with a standard car (no need for four-wheel car) – we have done that on daily basis as well.

Breakfast is included in the room price.
It is served from 8:30 – 10:00.

If you need to leave before the breakfast time, please inform us about that in good time, so we can make you a breakfast packet and give it to you in the previous evening.

Home cooking style dinner is available at the guesthouse when booked in advance. Booking needs to be done at the latest on the previous day.
Dinner is served at 18:00/6:00 pm.
Any food restrictions (such as food allergies or vegetarian diet) need to be informed at the same time while making the reservation.

Lunch is not served at our guesthouse.
You can prepare something to eat for lunch in our guest kitchen or go to Ivalo village to have lunch.
Also, many bookable activities include a snack or lunch.

The nearest shops, cafés and restaurants are located in Ivalo village 5 km away.

If you wish to make some grocery shopping, it is recommendable to stop in Ivalo village, before coming to our guesthouse. In this way you save back and forth driving and also some money, if you are using taxis.

No, we do not sell beer, wine or other alcoholic beverages.

You can buy beer in the grocery stores and all alcoholic beverages in ALKO-shop in Ivalo.

Kindly notice, that we do not sell soft drinks either. Tap water is drinkable!

There are Northern lights during about 200 nights a year in these regions, but you also need to be a bit lucky to be able to see Aurora Borealis. The sky needs to be at least partly clear and it needs to be dark enough, so that the lights can be seen.

If the weather conditions are favorable and if you are lucky with the Northern light activity as well, you can see the Northern lights when standing in the courtyard of our guesthouse as many of our guests have seen. Our guesthouse is located outside the village lights, so light pollution does not disturb here.

Northern lights can be seen from end of August until middle of April.

If you wish though, we can help you to book a guided Aurora hunting tour organized by our co-operator.

We recommend to book husky tours and even other activities already in advance, especially if you are in the area during the peak season from December to March. In this way you have the best chance to get exactly those activities which you prefer.

Especially husky tours are very popular and can easily be fully booked during the busiest times.

Even during the polar night season there is some daylight between 10:00 am and 14:00/2 pm. The activities are organized mainly during these hours.

If you stay at our guesthouse and also participate in a husky tour organized by us, you can use the safari equipment free of charge even otherwise during your stay.

In other case you can rent the equipment (overall, boots, woolly socks, mittens and balaclava) for € 15/stay.

Kindly note, that you should in any case have also warm underwear and mid-layer of your own, the safari equipment alone is not warm enough.

There is a sauna on the ground floor of the guesthouse. You can book your private turn (one hour) to use it by signing in on the sauna list.

Yes, all children can join our husky day tours. Only the whole day tour, Musher´s day dream, we do not recommend for small children. Sporty and fit teenagers are welcome to join even the whole day tour.

Guests with infants and toddlers are recommended to join only the shortest husky tours (1-2,5 hours) especially in mid-winter when the temperature can be very low. When the weather is extreme cold, children´s participation is not recommendable.

Active and sporty children who are used to outdoor life are welcome to join even overnight tours. We have not set a specific minimum age for our overnight tours either. However, we recommend that children who join the tour are able to drive themselves. The distances are long and it is easier to keep warm, when one drives him/herself instead of sitting a long day in the sledge. We have smaller sledges for children and of course children have also less huskies to mush than adults. In the spring when the weather normally is not that cold anymore, we can consider also the option that children are only sitting in the sledge.

Check-in time is 14:30 – 20:00.
Check-out time is 8:30 – 11:00.

You can arrive at the guesthouse already earlier and wait for your room in our common areas. We will give you your room as soon as it is ready.

If you need to leave before the normal check-out time, please inform us about it in good time. In that case the check-out can be done already in the night before and you can also get a breakfast packet to take with you.

If you are arriving after the check-in time, please inform us about it so that we can leave your room key on your room door and the instructions how to find your room at both of the entrances.

You can ask for a late check-out from our reception. Late check-out depends on the availability.

You can pay with card or in cash. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Visa Electron.

“We had the privilege of taking part in the first 5-day husky tour organized by guesthouse husky. We have enjoyed the tour very much. The tour was planned excellent, covering multiple types of landscapes with stunning views. The food as prepared very tasteful during all 5 days.

We would recommend this tour to people who love being active outdoors, willing to be involved in taking care of the dogs (lining them up, feeding, etc) and don’t require luxury for multiple nights in a row.”

Luuk & Daniëlle, Netherlands

“Great location if you enjoy nature. Stunning surroundings and in a way felt very surreal. The huskies are super cute and very loving. We miss all the dogs! We did the 4 hour husky safari twice and it was so much fun. It was truly an experience we will never forget. The guide very helpful and cooked a nice lunch in a hut.”

Onlalinya, Netherlands

“The dog experience is one of the lifetime. They will provide you with boots and overalls that kept us warm all 6 hours of the mush. The guide was very experienced and also an excellent cook as we had a lunch in one of the forest huts. Dogs were awesome. We used other service for Aurora spotting through the lodge and it was very good. The lodge has a sauna, small kitchen to handle your lunch or snack, tea, etc. it also has a large deck upstairs to watch the skies. It is a very short drive from Ivalo but nicely hidden in the woods unlike other by the road guest houses.”

Magdalena M

“Our family love dogs and the two day husky safari was truly a memorable experience for my family of 5. Travelling over the snow covered terrain and over frozen lakes, with breath taking scenery made the trip seem shorter than it really was and kept us from thinking about the cold.

Our guides were really wonderful in taking care of us, preparing the meals, and helping us along each time we fell off the sled. A big thank you for a really enjoyable trip.”

Alban Kang from Singapore

Welcome to experience memorable moments!

Welcome to experience unforgettable moments!

We recommend that you book the desired trip and accommodation well in advance, as our rooms fill up quickly due to our small accommodation capacity. Our husky safaris are also popular due to the small group size, so book now!